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Fun-filled toys for active dogs

Dastardly Dog Transformation Kit
Dastardly Dog Transformation Kit from £18.00 £24.00
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KONG - AirDog Fetch Stick with Rope
KONG - AirDog Fetch Stick with Rope £4.99
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KONG - Ball
KONG - Ball £8.80
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Planet Dog - Orbee-Tuff Cosmos Ringo
Planet Dog - Orbee-Tuff Cosmos Ringo £11.95
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Antler Dog Chews - Easy Antler Chew Large
Antler Dog Chews - Easy Antler Chew Large £5.20 £5.80
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Lily's Kitchen - An English Garden Party
Lily's Kitchen - An English Garden Party Sold Out - £2.49
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Ruffwear - Quencher
Ruffwear - Quencher £14.99
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Built For the love of dogs!

"There's more to life than a walk around the block." - That's what Dom Hodgson (the brains behind Pack Leader) and his rescue dog Crazy Barry, thought one day in 2011. That's when Dom decided to offer "adventures" for dogs - exercise, training and entertainment while their owners were at work - sending them home tired, trained and - most of all - happy. Dom is dedicated to dogs and, through the Pack Leader Adventures Online Store, carefully hand-picks every product. From Kong Treats to Antler Chews and Lily's Kitchen all-natural food, everything you see here is for the love of dogs.

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From the Pack Leader blog...

The Problem With Dog People

January 27, 2016

I should qualify this by saying as in any demographic most of the people are brilliant. But there are always a couple of aresholes who try and spoil it You know the type I mean The ‘Negs’ The ‘Whiners’ The ‘Know-it –all’s’ The ‘Been there, done it one way and bugger anyone else who disagrees’ I was reminded of this on Facebook this week. I have an advert running for a free dog training eBook that I made. The eBook is kind of an introduction to me and my business for peeps who don’t know me. They are usually struggling with their dogs and so want to learn more about how to connect and play with them. It’s a short read but...

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Try our Lily’s Kitchen Advent Calendar Challenge!

November 17, 2015

Will your dog do a trick for a Christmas treat? To celebrate the start of the Festive Season we have back in stock a very limited number of these fabulous Lily’s Kitchen Advent Calendars, you can get yours here Shop Advent. If you would like one for your dog (and let’s face it why wouldn’t you!) then we have a little challenge that will make your dog think you are the best owner and will make the treats last even longer too!                        At Pack Leader Dog Adventures we are big fans of playing, training and generally having FUN with our dogs so we thought it would be a great idea to get you interacting more with your dog...

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Latest Photos From Our Canine Adventures!

A huge part of Pack Leader Dog Adventures is the everyday adventures we have with dogs of all shapes and sizes. Whether it's dog walking in Sunderland, seaside adventures or running through the fields until their little legs can carry them no longer, we love a good adventure. If you're looking for a North-East based dog adventurer to tire out your terrier, check out our sister site, Pack Leader UK.