Training Video - Know your dogs breed

A lot of problems that owners can have with their dogs can sometimes stem from the dogs doing things that they were originally bred to do. For example Mastiffs will naturally guard, Pointers will want to find birds and Terriers will enjoy digging and killing things, though not exclusively and obviously the amount of training you have done or how much you have let your dog practise these behaviours will have huge effect on how much they demonstrate them. So Its really important to give your dog an outlet for its natural breed behaviours and characteristics, if we can provide the outlet for our dogs instincts then our dogs will look to us for entertainment and we can influence easier how our dogs behave.

In this short video Dave and Dom use Rosie the Cocker Spaniel to show how you can provide an outlet for your dogs natural instincts through training and having fun


Dom Hodgson
Dom Hodgson


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