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Advanced dog training with Hamish and Dave

In this video Dave demonstrates some advanced dog training with his now retired service/sniffer dog Hamish. As with the other videos we start off just playing and building the dogs drive for the toy that we have, then when we have the dogs attention we can start to get him to do things for us. Having worked with Hamish for many years you can see the special bond and connection they have and Hamish is at a very advanced stage of training. However Dave always says that the methods used to motivated a dog are the same whether you are a professional dog handler or a pet dog owner.

The important thing is to note how much drive Hamish has to play with Dave as get the toy. You may need to spend longer just playing with (and motivating) your dog so he is enjoying the game and really wants to be with you. Then once you have your dogs attention start off by asking him to do a very easy activity,  repeat this five or six times before you make the exercise a little more difficult. 

Control the toy, control the game, control the dog! 



If you live in the North East of England and are interested in a training session with David Davies then check out his details below.

David Davies (bipdt, cfba, GoDT (master trainer)) has over 20 years experience running his own dog training business David Davies Dog Training.  He now helps through his training and behaviour sessions at his home in Hurworth. Dave also teaches internationally. He loves helping dogs and their owners enjoy a better relationship through training and having fun. If you would like to book a consultation with Dave please phone 01325 722339  or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Dom Hodgson
Dom Hodgson


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Steve Butler
Steve Butler

November 02, 2014

Some great info and a great video – I learnt a few things here and will keep an eye out for more –

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