Ruffwear Backpacks Review - Giving dogs modern day jobs!

I always like trying new things! I first purchased a Ruffwear backpack three years ago shortly after we adopted our Dogue de Bordeaux Barry. Barry was quite a high energy dog for a Bordeaux and the backpack helped to tire him out on a walk. The added weight gave him something to think about and so our walk to the park became more of an activity itself rather than something we used to hurry though to get there. Over time I gradually added weight to the pack and then many times we used to trek to the local butchers and fruiters on a Saturday morning and Barry and Flo used to help me carry the stuff home back in their packs! True dogs with 21st century jobs



                   Dom with Barry and Flo adventuring with their Ruffwear Approach Packs back in 2011


We regularly use the backpacks when we are exercising our pack, we have invested in several sizes of all three kinds of backpacks so everyone from Pointer to Pug gets to have a go! We like to have a walk with the dog wearing the backpacks then after a while we stop and have a drink, play some games and do some training before we finish the adventure with another trek back to the van with the backpacks on. A session like this means the dogs have been well and truly exercised as even when we have been just 'walking' they have still been 'working' with their packs on.




We have put together this short video to help you choose the perfect backpack for your dog. We have included product features, sizing and also how to acclimatise your dog to the backpack so that wearing it becomes a pleasurable experience from the outset and something they enjoy wearing when exercising with you.




 Has your dog ever worn a backpack? if so tell us about it in the comments below...





Dom Hodgson
Dom Hodgson


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December 01, 2014

I thoroughly enjoy reading Dom’s blogs, and the other contributors, especially the training tips and videos. The slick layout and flowing house theme that Dom has from his main website, through the Pack Leader Store and Facebook page makes a lovely branding, and also very easy reading of the blog.
‘Spice up your dog walk’ and the quote ‘play together, stay together’ are some of the things I have actually taken away and have begun using in my own walks to enhance the dogs interactions with myself, and also the environment. I have also used a few of the games from guest blogger, Linda Ward which my dogs have thoroughly enjoyed. Games on the walks will help to build great relationship with your dogs and also gets them using their brain if you incorporate some basic training too.
The trainer tips from David Davies and other guest bloggers are also an excellent feature, showing and promoting excellent positive reinforcement training and reminding us of the dreaded ‘teenager’ phase that our young puppies will inevitably go through.
All round, if you want a blog that has excellent content and reviews on all things canine – this is your blog!

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