Dog bowls are boring. Buy a Kong!

Do dogs really need to eat from a bowl? Well no they don't. While domestic dogs are very much a man made creature they still posses a lot of qualities from their wild wolf days and most dogs still love scavenging, sniffing, exploring, chewing, licking and of course eating! Anyone whose dog has ever sniffed out a takeaway wrapper in the park will vouch for that.

Dogs eat from a bowl because that's how many of us are taught to feed. Its easy, convenient and fits in well with our 'human' way of eating things. But really a bowl for a dog is no more natural for them as it would be for a cat to use a knife and fork or a giraffe to use a napkin. Using a toy like a Kong to feed your dog will elevate mealtimes from a one minute scoff to a 5, 10 or maybe even a 15 or 20 minute munching session that your dogs will enjoy so much more.



                                            A Kong Classic stuffed with cheese and Kong Biscuits


From my experience lots of people do own a Kong toy but many don't really know how to get the best out of them. If you use a Kong correctly your dog will look forward to them getting them and emptying them will become a regular 'job' for them to do. An empty Kong may entertain some dogs for while  but to get the absolute best out of your Kong you need to be filling them with tasty things for your dog to get out. Over the years I have found them easy to fill, easy to clean and very tough so providing you buy the correct one your dog is unlikely to destroy it so it will be a great value purchase your dog will get many years pleasure out of.





  Just some of the other Kong's available from the store, the goodie bone, the genius and biscuit ball



So what can you put in Kong? Well honestly just about anything that you are happy feeding your dog will fit in one or another type of Kong and here are many guides online to help you with filling your Kong's. I will happily fill half a dozen everyday and also freeze some to make them last even longer because I know my dogs and the dogs we look after enjoy them so much. And while they are enjoying them I can get on with something else.


While you can be very creative and messy with your Kong's I think its important to provide an option for owners who don't want some easy options to fill a Kong. To help you we have put together this short video review and buying guide. This will ensure you get the right sized Kong from us and the right type of treats to put in it to enable you and your dog to get the very most from your Kong.

Just click on the link here if you want to buy a Kong





Dom has run Pack Leader Dog Adventures, a very popular dog walking/adventure business based in Sunderland since November 2011. He loves working in the great outdoors and loves it even more if there are dogs involved! The Pack Leader Dog Adventures store is the latest extension to the business. Always keen to try new products to help with the adventure business Dom thought he was in an ideal position to sell and promote the things his dogs love the most. Dom can be contacted at and positively welcomes feedback.

If you work with dogs and would like to submit a blog or have a product you would like us to sample and retail then please get in touch


Dom Hodgson
Dom Hodgson


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Gill Main
Gill Main

February 04, 2015

Hi Dom, thanks for the link – you reminded me about the fact I had bought big kongs for the Hector and Troy and have just used them, and wondered if there were better biscuits…. so your video answered lots of questions and I shall be ordering biscuits and paste!

Thank you Gillxx

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