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A review of our Dog Law Seminar with Trevor Cooper

We recently had the pleasure of welcoming Trevor Cooper of Cooper and Co Solicitors to the North East to give his talk ‘What every responsible dog owner needs to know’

For anyone who hasn't heard of Trevor Cooper, he is a solicitor who is widely regarded in UK canine circles as the foremost authority on Dog Law and he (pardon the pun) has a great pedigree in saving many dogs from ’death row’.

I had heard many good things over the years about the talk itself and the ‘entertainment’ value that Trevor brings to what could be at first glance quite a dull topic. I mean come on, unless you are a lawyer who really needs or wants to know about law!

Being a professional dog walker and trainer I wanted and needed to have a better knowledge of the current dog laws, and the recent changes to the dangerous dogs act convinced me to book Trevor in.



Denise asking a question at the talk


At Pack Leader Dog Adventures our mission is to help dogs and owners enjoy a better life together. We do this through our business services and also through education as we run a number of dog training workshops , talks and courses every year. We try to put on events that we think we will enjoy attending and learn something from as I consider myself a pet dog owner first and foremost. I don’t know why but at first bookings were very slow to come in for the dog law talk, maybe people didn’t think the subject was interesting enough. I know I struggled to get any of my local newspapers to publicise the event, though they are quick to write any stories that show dogs and owners in a bad light!

Anyway come the day of the talk we had 25 people attend which was a great turnout. There was a good mix of pet dog owners, people who work in dog rescue, dog walkers and breeders so a good cross section of our local canine community which was I was very pleased to see.

Everything I had heard about Trevor was true and the talk itself was great fun with many laughs had by all which I think helped very much with the learning. The 3.5 hours flew by, we had some great feedback and many people said they would recommend the course and would like to come again such was the wealth of information to take in.



Trevor has us engaged and entertained!


So what did we learn? Well firstly I think if you work in any way with dogs you really should get yourself along to a dog law talk near you. One of the most important lessons for me was how it’s not just about criminal charges but civil disputes too that dog owners need to be aware of. These disputes can be very expensive they can be if they come to court.

If you do own or work with dogs then avoiding any problems before they even happen was my main thought to take away. Every dog owner exercises there dogs in public (or they should do for social referencing) so everyone needs to have good control of their dogs in public places. That means having a great relationship with your dog to maintain good control over him, and so a good recall is essential. Similarly when at home teaching your dog (especially your puppy) to be happy when left home alone will prevent any separation anxiety issues from occurring and with that you eliminate any barking and noise nuisance complaints that may come from that.

The other main thing was to make sure you have insurance. Many dog owners will have third party insurance through their dogs vet insurance but if even if you can’t afford that then third party insurance on it’s own is still a must. It hopefully would never happen but if your dog got into an incident and injured someone or damaged property then you would be legally liable so could you afford NOT to be covered!

We found out one of the easiest ways to get third party insurance is to become a member of The Dogs Trust who Trevor also represents. For £25 a year, per member (not per dog) and the membership gets you free Third Party Liability insurance with cover for up to 1 Million per claim. The membership is half price for over 60’s too.

The seminar also covered rights and responsibilities when buying and selling dogs, liability (both civil and criminal) for dogs that harm people and animals, identification requirements / the legal implications of microchipping, noise nuisance and much, much more.

I would thoroughly recommend anyone who is a pet professional or even an enthusiastic dog owner attend Trevor’s dog law talk it really is a great investment in your relationship with your dog. Hopefully you would never need to use any of the information gained you learn but one day through no fault of your own you might and you will be very glad you came!




                                                     A great days learning!


To learn more about what Trevor Cooper and the Dog Law team and to find a dog law course near you click here

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