Puppy Parties and Dog Park Raves

What does a perfect night out look like for you?

I was thinking about this today as my eldest son recently attended a music festival with his friends which also happened to be televised too.

Now I myself have never been to any kind of music festival. I’ve done a few gigs and concerts (I’m not a complete square!) but never a full on all weekend festival, though it’s something that Mrs Pack and I have on our bucket list.

However as we were watching it on the box at the weekend I looked at the pictures and thought…..nah maybe not.

Don’t get me wrong the artists were excellent and everyone looked like they were having a great time but maybe the crowd were a bit too I don’t know ‘young?’.

Yeah ok maybe I’m just getting too old.

I actually can’t even remember the last time I went clubbing but I remember feeling too old even back then…

Then there’s the mud which I don’t mind at all as I work with dogs every day, but I don’t really want to sleep in it. Also the amount of time you are there, 3 or 4 days including travelling time, lack of sleep etc.

Jeez I’m exhausted just thinking about it all!

So no, maybe I am more suited to just picking a singer that we really like and go to see him or her at the arena when they tour. We could have a nice meal and a bottle of wine before we go. Yeah that sounds nice.

Less stressful and more intimate.

More me!

Ok I know I really am getting old.

But I just don’t need the mud and the crowds and the hassle that goes with something like that.

I guess this is much like the trips to the park I enjoy with my mutts. I like to keep it intimate then too. Just me and my dogs playing together. They are my dogs after all.

See I really don’t like it when some other dogs and owners with their attitude that they somehow have the right to gate-crash and turn my nice intimate metaphorical candle lit meal for two and turn it into some kind of party in the park.

And what’s worse is they think they are doing me a favour and act as if I’m in the wrong when I protest.

Hey I’m not perfect, I used to let me dogs play together too much and they were subsequently a nightmare to control. So I have been there and got the T shirt.

Although they are the ones responsible I don't even think the dog owner can take all of the blame.

Unfortunately a lot of the general dog owning public have brainwashed into thinking that when they get a dog or puppy they should encourage him to play and socialise with other dogs as much as possible. Or worse when they are very young and impressionable they may be unfortunate enough to go to a training class where there puppy is encouraged to play too much with other puppies that are naturally just as playful and enjoy it very much.

See if not done correctly these puppy parties teach our new four legged friend that other dogs are WAY more interesting than their owners. As they get older the puppy matures and they enjoy playing with other dogs in the park. Only now they aren’t little and cute. They are big and strong, with teeth and because they have been practising playing with other dogs since they were very young they have become bloody good at it.

For the puppies who have grown up thinking other dogs are the best thing since sliced cheese, a trip to the park becomes an experience where they seek out other dogs and owners with the intention of turning there quiet meal together into a house party for everyone.

We were all young once but if you go to a rave or a house party every weekend sooner or later you are going to burn out or something is going to get broken. They can be addictive and enjoyable even but in the long term, not very good for you.

I know kids have to grow up and make mistakes and we hope that they learn from them and don’t get into too much trouble along the way.

But dogs aren’t kids and we can control what they do and stop them doing anything that we don’t want them to.

Teach your puppy that you and a tennis ball are SUPER exciting and he will have no need to play with other dogs.




So how do you teach your dog to be more interested in you?

Well you start by being more interesting than anything else he encounters.

Play with him often and everywhere. It will be enjoyable for you too

If you teach your dog that other dogs you encounter are nothing to be afraid of and much like horses, buses, squirrels, cats and people, just something that you encounter now and again on walk, but the main fun in his life comes from you its owner then life with your dog will be much less stressful and way more enjoyable.

Why will it be easier?

Well because a dog that always wants to go off and play with other dogs is much harder to control. Trust me, it is. Its recall will likely be poor as it is overly attracted to other dogs at the other side of the field and it may be more likely to develop aggression issues as a result of being frustrated when it can’t get to another dog it sees.

This situation can get even more worrying for the owner when you throw in the amendment to the Dangerous Dog Act which makes it a punishable offence to own a dog that is deemed to be dangerously out of control.

So if the dog park raves sound like too much hard work and if like me you prefer and easier life then try to get in the habit of enjoying an intimate and fun walk for two with your four legged friend and leave the dog park raves for the crazy people who enjoy that kind of stress in their lives.

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Dom Hodgson
Dom Hodgson


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