Does my dog like me?

Believe it or not this was a question someone asked me on a recent training event we ran.

To be precise the question was more a statement.

‘I just don’t think he likes me’

The lady who said it was just being honest and was definitely getting frustrated. I reassured that he did like her and went about showing how she could make herself more interesting to her dog.

This all happened at a scent detection training day for pet dog owners that David Davies and I were running. This is something we do regularly throughout the year and feedback is always good. We can train the dogs to find the scent using toys or food but really we prefer toys as the dogs that like toys are generally more animated than those who aren’t.

Now this particular dog liked a toy, a ball to be precise and we were trying to get the dog motivated in the toy but for a while the dog was more interested in another dog in the hall Hence the 'I don't think he likes me' comment.

Since then I have had several replies from a few of my email subscribers who have said similar things.

So do our dogs like us and should we be bothered if they don’t.

Well of course they like us. 

They like a nice bowl of food and warm bed and a walk every day and if we provide that then we will go someway to making them happy.

If you up your game a bit and get them to retrieve a ball when you got to the park and then maybe give them a tasty Kong then they will enjoy that nice warm bed even more.



                                                           Me playing with the dogs


See the more you involve yourself in your dog’s life, specifically the things that make him happy then you will undoubtedly go up in his estimation.

Because all of us like spending our time doing things we enjoy, don’t we?

Of course we do Dom!

And our dogs are just the same.

Yes all dogs are different but almost all dogs love eating, sleeping and playing.

If you can involve yourself more with any play your dog enjoys then he will look to you more for entertainment, respond to you with interest when you call his name and YES like you more!



                                                              Barry enjoying a Kong


For more advice on how you can have a dog that loves playing with you and NOT other dogs then check out my FREE eBook here

If your dog could, he would thank you for it!

Have Fun!



Dom Hodgson and his son Alex have run Pack Leader Dog Adventures, a very popular dog adventure and training business based in Sunderland since November 2011. They love working in the great outdoors and love it even more if there are dogs involved! The Pack Leader Dog Adventures Store is the latest extension to the business. Always keen to give advice and try new products on the dog adventures,  Dom thought he was in an ideal position to sell and promote the things his and his clients dogs love the most.

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Dom Hodgson
Dom Hodgson


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