Do you dread your daily dog walk?

‘I hate walking my dog!’

Sounds harsh eh dear reader? Well that’s I was told just the other day by a dog owner and it wasn’t the first time I've heard someone say that either.

I mean how is it possible for someone to not enjoy walking their dog? If you are anything like me you got yourself a dog because you wanted a loyal best friend that could enjoy cuddles on the couch and long walks in the park with.

But now many dog owners dread the daily trip to the dog park. Your precious pooch drags you all the way there (and not in a straight line either) and once you get there is straining at the leash to get AWAY from you. Once he catches sight or smell of another dog he disappear like magic and only returns when he’s had enough fun with his real friends.

Why is your dog so ungrateful? I mean you feed him his favourite food twice a day , you provide him with a nice bed (yours sometimes) you tickle his tummy and you even save that last bit of chicken form your tea so you can spoil him even further.

So why, oh why does he repay your kindness by acting like he has never heard his own name before when you are shouting at him to come back to you, much to your embarrassment as he would rather harasses the other dogs and owners he meets.

‘Sorry!’ you say as you catch up to him and frantically attempt to get him back on lead ‘He’s just really friendly’

The other dog owner nods awkwardly they head off the other way while your dog looks on longingly after them and the second they are out of sight he turns his attention back to you and gives a little playful skip as if to say come on mam let’s play!

By now you have had enough so you head home to give him his tea and you likely repeat the whole experience tomorrow.

Why does this happen?

Well most dogs have a very playful nature and they enjoy interaction very much.

If that playful interaction comes from you then your dog will enjoy being with you.

If that comes from chasing birds or squirrels or more likely playing, mouthing and wrestling with another dog then that is the thing your dog will want to do whenever you take him anywhere there are other dogs .

You then become more like your dog’s butler than his best friend. You are just the treat dispenser who takes him to the park where he likes having fun with his other doggie pals.

But what if your dog loved playing and being with you MORE than he enjoyed being with other dogs.



Well this is very possible and its exactly what I did with my own dogs and its how I control all of the dogs we take on our daily adventures too. See until I learned how to play and have fun with my dogs I too used to worry about my dogs safely and my lack of control.

But if you provide all the fun, excitement and pleasure in your dog’s life then he will want to be with you and dog walks can be something that you actually look forward too again.

You really can be the most interesting thing in your dog’s life, he just doesn’t know it yet.

So you need to show him!

If you would like some help on how you can make yourself more interesting to your dog so that walking your dog can become something you actually look forward too then click on the link below and go to where you can download my FREE dog training eBook and weekly training emails.

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Dom Hodgson and his son Alex have run Pack Leader Dog Adventures, a very popular dog adventure and training business based in Sunderland since November 2011. They love working in the great outdoors and love it even more if there are dogs involved! The Pack Leader Dog Adventures Store is the latest extension to the business. Always keen to give advice and try new products on the dog adventures,  Dom thought he was in an ideal position to sell and promote the things his and his clients dogs love the most.

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Dom Hodgson
Dom Hodgson


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