Ruffwear - Flat Out Leash

This leash is a real Pack Leader favourite. We have used the Flat Out Leash daily for two years and they are still in great condition. A versatile 6 foot (1.8m) length, the leash it has a padded handle and features the Ruffwear designed Talon Clip so is very strong and secure. It also has a convenient traffic handle close to the Talon Clip to give you quick control when needed.

The Flat Out Leash features a side release buckle that allows three main uses, all of which we do regularly.

  1. Hand-held leash (for a standard walk)
  2. Waist-worn leash (for running or cycling adventures)
  3. Fixed leash (clipped around a tree or post ideal when teaching stays)


We also stock the matching Hoopie Collar for the complete set

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