The Gencon All-in-one No Pull Lead

All in one gentle lead and collar

We love this gentle leader from Gencon. It is a one piece collar and lead, very easy to use and very effective for dogs that pull on the lead. When your dog pulls on the lead, both loops tighten, this restricts the whole head and the dog backs of from the restriction. I have found only gentle pressure is needed and there is never a need to jerk the lead.

I have used the Gencon with my Cocker Sidney for the last six months. I have found it an excellent leader and Sid definitely gets more walks from the whole family since I got it. Ideally I know we would all have dogs that never pull on the lead and training your dog to do so should be something we work on all the time however while we are doing that your dog still needs to be getting exercised and using a gentle leader like this will mean you can walk your dog safely and securely and he will be unable to keep 'practising' pulling.




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