Antler Dog Chews - Easy Antler Chew Small

Easy Antler Chews are specially designed for older dogs or 'lazy' chewers, and are popular for puppies too. We have also found the easy chew range to be perfect for dogs who haven't previously been very keen on chewing anything. This is because the antler has been hand cut lengthways to expose the tasty nutritious inner antler marrow which makes it easy for these dogs to enjoy the tasty bits without too much hard work!

Of course they are as clean, safe and odourless. These chews are best for dogs that do not have strong jaws and are not strong chewers.


  • Odourless, no stain and long lasting
  • Great starter Antler for 'lazy' chewers
  • 100% natural and pure
  • Suitable for puppy and toy breeds


    Information As they are a natural product every Antler is unique and they do vary in size shape. They are incredibly hard and long lasting all the antler chews we stock are totally natural. They contain no preservatives or additives, and as they are naturally shed they are sustainable too. For more information about what we think of Antler Dog Chews visit About Antler Chews.

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