Antler Dog Chews - Puppy Antler Chew

Your puppy will love to gnaw and chew on these tasty antler tips which are also suitable for miniature breeds. The tip is around 8cm long and is the most nutritious part of the Antler. They are full of flavour but small enough for a puppy to handle safely. The Puppy Antler chew is the perfect natural chew for teething puppies and is long lasting. Packed with nutrients and minerals the self-rewarding nature of the Puppy Antler chew will help promote good chewing habits in your puppy for life!


As they are a natural product every Antler is unique and they do vary in size shape._ As well as being incredibly hard and long lasting all the Antler chew we stock are totally natural. They contain no preservatives or additives, and as they are naturally shed they are sustainable too. For more information about what we think of Antler Dog Chews visit About Antler Chews.

  • 100% Natural and pure
  • Perfect for miniature breeds or as a puppy teething treat
  • Odourless, no stain and long lasting
  • Free from chemicals, preservatives, colouring and additives

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