Dastardly Dog Transformation Kit

The Dastardly Dog Transformation or 'DDT' kit provides the 3 Key Items we think every dog (and owner)  should have in their home!

This is the ultimate 'Dog Survival' Kit, simply choose the Size that is suitable for your breed of dog and we will ensure you receive the correct size toys and treats you need.

In this Very Special Delivery you will receive

  • 1  X Tough Tuggy Toy
  • 1  X Fantastic Fetch Toy
  • 1  X Tasty Treat Dispenser

All size appropriate for your breed of dog!

Also in the box will be some super tasty treats that you can use to practise your dogs recall or just use them as treats inside of the treat dispenser.

Remember we only sell items that have been tried and tested on the Pack Leader Mutt Crew so we have only put their favourite toys and treats in the 'DDT' box

Those who have read our FREE Ebook 'From Dastardly Dog to Perfect Pooch in Three Easy Steps' will know all about the three games every dog owner should play to have contented dog

They are Tuggy Tug Tug, Fetchy Fetch Fetch and Munchy Munch Munch.

So what are you waiting for?

Get your box and start playing!



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