Planet Dog - Orbee-Tuff Cosmos Ringo

The COSMOS range from Planet Dog are solid Orbee-Tuff toys your dogs will love. The COSMOS range are based upon the planets that float about the Milky Way and there is something for a dog of every size. The Ringo is a cosmic green ball and its Saturn like rings give it some other-worldly bounce! The Ringo ball is around 3" in diameter so best suited for any small and toy dogs. The Ringo ball is bouncy, buoyant and our dogs love to play fetch with it! It is also rated 5 out of 5 on the Planet Dog Chew-o-Meter which means it will be suitable for even the toughest chewers!

Features and Benefits

  • Tough Toy for small dogs
  • Fun and Interactive
  • Minty Scented

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