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Dom started Pack Leader Dog Adventures in 2011. He had enjoyed swimming, cycling and back packing with his rescue Dogue, Barry, and thought there may be other dog owners out there who wanted more for their dog than just a walk around the block.  So he started offering adventures for dogs where they get entertained, trained and exercised while their owners were busy at work.

Slowly building a loyal client base he did well but the light bulb moment for the business came when Dom attended an intensive dog training and behaviour course ran by world renowned trainer John Rogerson.  Since then the aim has been to send the dog’s home not only happy and tired but better trained than when we picked them up. Hannah joined the company in 2013 and with her shared love of dogs and the great outdoors she quickly became an integral part of the team.

Dom loves learning more about dog training and is working towards his Kennel Club Accreditation (KCAI) He regularly takes his own dogs along to training classes with Dave Davies .Dave is a dog behaviour trainer with over 20 years’ experience;  running his own dog training business and one of only a few people recommended by John Rogerson on his website for behaviour consultations. Hannah, Dom and Dave all share the belief that a dog ownership should be fun - the better relationship a dog has with its owner (and not other dogs) the more it will want to be with them. The daily adventures see the pack playing, among other things, scent games, tracking, wild agility, heelwork and even swimming lessons.

Our dogs also love toys so we carry them with us and use them to train and distract them if they lose focus. Having bought and tried most of the dog products out there Dom thought ‘wouldn’t it be great if we could share with everyone what we thought were the best things we have found; not only that but share the ways that we use the toys in the games and the training we do too’.

Well its been a challenge but The Pack Leader Dog Adventure Store is our latest adventure and we would be delighted if you would join us for the journey and see where we end up!

David Davies Director of Training at Pack Leader

David Davies has held a lifelong passion and love of dogs. Canine behaviour fascinated David ever since childhood. This led to his interest in Z-Cars, a 1960s police drama in which his main star and role model was PC Snow with Police Dog Inkey.

This is what inspired David's book Thanks Inky! From there David joined the police service and spent over half his 30 year career as a police dog section officer. David began giving help and advice concerning dog behaviour and training many years ago, but this became a profession for him about 20 years ago when he set up Happy Dogs North East, which later became David Davies Dog Training. Now working with us at Pack Leader David is sharing his interest and knowledge with us all. David is a great personal friend and colleague of John Rogerson, who is one of the worlds best known and respected Canine Experts.

This gives us a connection with a back-up service second to none in the world of dog training and behaviour expertise. Dave is available for one to one training and behaviour consultations. If you live in the North East and would like to book a please phone 01325722339 or 07563749946 or check out his website http://www.daviddaviesdogtraining.com/

Our Mission

Over 100,000 dogs are abandoned each year in the UK and that is way too many. There are lots of reasons why perfectly healthy dogs end up abandoned in shelters. One reason is that some owners don’t realise what owning a dog entails, then when the dog’s needs are not being met, the dog becomes bored and destructive and the owner gives up.

We work with many dogs every single day and our mission is to help dogs and their owners enjoy a better relationship so this doesn't happen. Owning a dog should be fun. Fun for the dog and fun for the owner. We have a blast every single day with our dogs and we want to share with you all the ways that we play, interact, train and enjoy our dogs. Everything you see in the Pack Leader Store our dogs have chewed, chased, eaten, thrown, worn, swam, trained, and played with.

We love our dogs and they deserve the best so we have to love the products we give them. We want you and your dog to really enjoy our products as much as we do.  You get free advice and tips on how to get the most out of everything you buy. From balls to back packs, treats to training leads everything has been tried, tested and thoroughly approved by the Pack Leader mutt crew.

We hope you like what you see, enjoy what you buy and any tips that you learn truly help to build a better bond between you and your dog! Play together, stay together!

Our Extended Pack

So many people have helped with the making our online store a reality and we would like to give a mention to a few here, thanks guys it is great working with you!

Alex Wardle - Artifact Media Alex has done a great job with all of the videoing for the training videos and the product demonstrations, I hope you enjoy the videos!

Artifact Media specialise in three areas of creative multimedia: video production, audio production, and photography. Our mission is to provide any or all of these products to anyone, within any budget.
Based in the north-east, we’re ideally suited for small businesses, but also cater for personal events and occasions and other projects; our multidisciplinary expertise and diverse professional experience means we can help you in a wide range of creative pursuits.
We’ve produced promotional and training videos, provided on-location sound support for short films, and filmed and edited wedding videos amongst many other projects. We offer the skills and expertise that have accumulated over years of study and experience to anyone in need of a professional, high-quality creative product.

Rebecca Ashworth - Rebecca Ashworth Photography We had some great fun getting the all photography done for the store, Rebecca did a fantastic job and was never afraid to get down and dirty with the dogs to get a great picture!

Sit Stay Capture Canine Photography has taken off, fast becoming one of the most popular dog photography companies in the North East. Travelling all over the country for on location and adventure photoshoots.

Photoshoots are enjoyable, relaxed, and its all about getting the photographs that capture your dog, horse or families personality. It’s no longer just family portraits or school photographs adorning the walls above the fireplace, but instead more and more people are turning to professional photographers to capture their furry family members at their best. Photoshoot packages start at just £45.00 and all photoshoots include a print and 30 high-resolution photographs on disk.





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