Ruffwear - Singletrak Pack

This is a fabulous sleek, low-profile hydration pack. It is ideal for adventures where water is all you will need. It houses two removable Platypus water bladders meaning your dog can carry his water...and yours! Two external stash pockets fit other adventure essentials. Our Sid the Spaniel loves his adventures with his Singletrak Pack. It's recommended that your dog carry no more than 25% of their body weight in their dog pack. If your dog is new to dog packs, start with a light load and work up to a heavier load as your dog gets accustomed to wearing the pack.

Features and Benefits

  • Sleek, body-hugging saddlebags
  • Two 0.6L collapsible bottles (included)
  • Low-light visibility with reflective trim
Size Guide

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